TealTech Capital - innovative technologies in medicine

Healthcare is moving towards digitally enabled personalized care, which provides patients with convenient and accessible medical services wherever and whenever they are needed.

The TealTech Capital venture fund focuses on investing in convergence solutions that combine the latest medical technologies with the most innovative ways to provide and receive medical services.

 TealTech Capital has concentrated its efforts on three main areas representing fundamental shifts in healthcare. 

We are interested in:

- mobile health services;

- miniaturisation of medical devices and their integration into medical platforms;

- the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

We believe that human health in the future will be inevitably connected with accessibility and flexibility that the combination of digital care and point-of-care diagnostics, prognostics and treatment provide, together with precision and convenience that machine-human interaction promises to deliver.

We invest in and advance innovative start-ups, in seed-to-development and development-to-market stages, that deliver honest, convenient, and affordable healthcare solutions worldwide. 

We offer our partners access to TealTech Engineering capabilities for prototyping and options to integrate with the TealNet mobile health platform.

We provide a significant share of our investment as “research credits,” decisively taking a minority share in our companies to nurture and support the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of our partners.